1. Due to the members covering almost all genres, solo or not, BIGBANG as been called “rich in variety” for their fans.
  2. Bill Lamb of also list them as one of the “top 10 Asian boy bands”
  3. Korea Times called them “the icons of Korean pop music”.
  4. Time magazine described them as one of the “most promising” South Korean acts to venture into Japan.
  5. 8FEB’07, they released their live concert album “The First/Real Live Concert” which sold 30000 copies by the end of the year.
  6. BIGBANG made their debut on August 19 2006 at the Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Olympic Park during the YG Family concert.
  7. Their first release, the EP “Always” (2007), spawned the number-one single 거짓말 (Lies).
  8. The group’s formation was chronicled on the television series Big Bang Documentary, from July to August 2006.
  9. Papa YG wants BIGBANG to last for a long time so he let them have solo activities.
  10. Big Bang members has necklaces given by Papa YG.
  11. BIGBANG members still have a good relationship with BEAST’s Hyunseung.
  12. BIGBANG members have very unique voices.
  13. BIGBANG made their debut in Japan with Gara Gara GO!.
  14. Starting MAY 2011, BIGBANG plans to hold a nationwide tour in JAPAN where they are expected to perform for a total 160000 fans
  15. After about 2 years, BIGBANG is finally making their Korean comeback with a new album on 24FEB2011 !!
  16. BIGBANG has been endorsing FILA products since 2006.
  17. Bigbang held their first concert “THE REAL” just 4 months after their debut and 10,000 seats were sold out in 1 minute.
  18. When asked what kind of music they listen to in their car, Bigbang answered “Our Music”
  20. The “JAIL SCENE” in the music Video for “LIES” was acctually a gym. it was really late at night when they shot the scene, the members admitted that they were really scared
  21. in their old apartment, Bigbang have said that they had been living with a friendly ghost for 3 years


  1. G-Dragon and TOP used to be neighbours.
  2. G-Dragon has two rooms in the house only for clothes.
  3. G-Dragon’s favourite style is his own’s.
  4. GDragon also used to seat on the Shinhwa members’ laps!
  5. G-Dragon used to be an SM trainee.
  6. G-Dragon’s hair during the Gara Gara GO!! period was known as the “eung hair (poop hair)”. (Eung=sound made when …
  7. GD is very neat and clean person.
  8. G-Dragon is the most neat member of BIGBANG.
  9. Papa YG is scared of G-Dragon but G-Dragon is scared of Se7en because Se7en was very strict with the trainees.
  10. G-Dragon hopes to be like YG next time, helping people live their dreams.
  11. G-Dragon loves to use Seungri as a bolster.
  12. G-Dragon is very scary and fierce when he’s angry or scolding someone. 
  13. GD wrote the lyrics of Daesung’s Look At Me Gwisun.
  14. When GD first saw Seungri on TV, he thought he was rude but interesting.
  15. "At Home, GD Hyung changes his clothes at least 5 or 6 times a day" Seungri
  16. GD hated taking medicine ever since he was a child, he still does.
  17. GD says he loves figurine and hates people touching his figurine (he was talking about Seung ri)
  19. there are 2 things you must do to keep GD content, let him sleep and let him eat
  20. a Noona fan was worried about GD’s “Health” so she sent him porn as a present. GD claimed that he never watched it
  21. GD’s father still thinks that his son is too handsome
  22. GD taught seungri how to flirt girls was to make her want to know more about you with no answering her call 
  23. GD sent seungri 30-line text messages after his first performance on tv for his new album


  1. Seungri does not call TOP “hyung” when Tabi’s not around.
  2. Seungri is the “Prince” of Gwangju.
  3. According to the GD&TOP, Seungri has secret meetings with girls.
  4. G-Dragon and Seungri are known as BIGBANG’s Tom and Jerry.
  5. Seungri’s specialities are his dance, voice, looks and confidence.
  6. Seung ri has mistakenly wore GD’s underwear before
  7. seung ri and BEG’s Gain are really good friends; they competed in “Battle Shinhwa” together
  8. seung ri would always get in trouble in school because he refused to cut his long hair
  9. Seung ri once refused TOP’s offer to go out for a drink at night, TOP react with such a scary expression, Seung ri thought his life was in danger
  10. Taeyang and GD loves to annoy Seung ri while he sleeps, Seung ri hates it
  11. Seung ri is a huge fan of soccer
  12. The birth year of Seungri’s father is 1965


  1. Taeyang and G-dragon have already had their solo concerts.
  2. Taeyang and G-dragon ripped their pants the most while dancing during their trainee days.
  3. Acc to YG, the only present Taeyang gave him during the ten years they’d known each other (2000-2010) was a bowl of ramyun.
  4. Taeyang has his own special way in cooking ramyun.
  5. G-Dragon and Taeyang have been friends since the year 2000.
  6. "Look Only At Me" was originally written for GD, but Taeyang loves the song and insist on using it for his first solo.
  7. Taeyang really enjoy scareing the members, TOP pretend to be shocked every time because Taeyang just seems so happy
  8. Taeyang’s Grandfather passed away on September 16th 2006; the day after Bigbang’s showcase.
  9. Taeyang’s older Brother, Hyunbae is also very good friends with GD & TOP
  10. Taeyang talks in his sleep


  1. Only Daesung is using his real name.
  2. Daesung has an obsession with Doraemon. He even has Doraemon chopsticks.
  3. The staff referred to Daesung as “the ugly one” when he first entered the company.
  4. Despite the one year age difference, Daesung and Seungri were/are still awkward. 
  5. Daesung is ALWAYS smiling.
  6. Daesung’s first love was a one sided love


  1. TOP’s name was supposed to be “Mark” (YG suggested) but Se7en suggested “TOP” &TOP liked it more than “Mark” so he chose “TOP”
  2. TOP used to wear mostly hip hop clothes but now he tends to wear suits with funky patterns.
  3. TOP is very good friends with SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and DBSK’s Kim Jae Joong aka Hero.
  4. Since they have the same name, TOP is known as “Big Seung Hyun” and Seungri is known as “Little Seung Hyun”.
  5. TOP was an underground rapper known as Tempo before his debut with BIGBANG.
  6. TOP first watched porn videos when he was in the 5th grade (elementary school). 
  7. TOP chose Taeyang as the member he would date if Taeyang was a girl.
  8. TOP cried when he saw 2000 VIPs at his surprise birthday party organised by the members.
  9. TOP doesn’t like being touched.
  10. TOP hates it when he hears somebody say that he looks evil/scary.
  11. TOP has the best sense of humour among the members.
  12. TOP likes the colour pink and his room is pink too! 
  13. TOP’s room is full of toys!
  14. TOP thinks that he always looks good in whatever he wears.
  15. TOP likes to wear many clothes when he’s sleeping
  16. GD Claims that TOP is the dirtiest member, GD has to clean up after him because TOP would eat Bananas and leave the peels everywhere
  17. in december 2007, one of TOP’s tooth fell out when he was eating ice cream
  18. TOP used to have a part-time job in a clothing store when he was in middle school


  1. Minji’s favorite subjects were Korean language and physical education
  2. Minji loves taking photographs and wants to be a professional photographer someday
  3. Minji wants to be a good maknae, and be the legendary, orifinal maknae of YG
  4. Minji has a gundam collection
  5. Minji loves wearing dresses & skirts
  6. Minji was the class president when she was in grade 5 and 6
  7. Minji owns a Nikon D3000 camera 
  8. Minji loves to cook 
  9. Minji can dance sexy to any song even if it’s a children song 
  10. Minji hates scary movies the most 
  11. In grade 2, minji won a prize for prose & poetry 
  12. CL likes cleaning products a lot 
  13. CL favorite color is Black 
  14. CL has her drawing book, she carrys it most of the time 
  15. CL likes reading a lot 
  16. CL likes weird animal 
  17. CL likes sewing dolls 
  18. CL never cries in front of 2NE1 members
  19. CL english name / international name is FAITH LEE 
  20. Dara is afraid of riding the airplane 
  21. Dara is the mood maker of 2ne1 
  22. Dara deletes the number of the person who doesn’t to reply her messages 
  23.  “Bom is the type that won’t go home when she’s drunk” –dara- 
  24. Bom first debuted in 2006 
  25. CL said bom eats like a camel 
  26. Bom is the mom in 2ne1 
  27. Bom has been a trainee for 5 years 
  28. Bom loves lip products 
  29. Bom favorite color is Green 
  30. Bom has 2 dogs: Choco & Danchoo


Se7en :

  1. The song “Passion” was originally written for Jinusean.
  2. Se7en is the first Korean artist to be promoted in Thailand
  3. Se7en has written and composed a few songs on his 3rd and 4th Korean albums.
  4. Se7en’s Japan debut was on February 23, 2005 and it only took him about a year to learn Japanese
  5. Se7en’s “All Night (remix)” mv feat. Ivy was released later in 2007 due to a request from Se7en; it was a gift to his Korean fans for 070707 since he was not able to be with them on that day
  6. When Big Bang were still training, Se7en gave them advice…Now…its Big Bang’s turn to give advice to Se7en *Strong Heart*
  7. Se7en’s motto: “Always be humble, have the best dreams.”
  8. Se7en has one tattoo of a G Clef symbol with wings on his left arm. It means that he wishes to fly to his music.
  9. Se7en believes his fans give him luck, so that’s why his fanclub is named Lucky Se7en.
  10. Se7en got his name when he was with YG at a restaurant & they noticed there were 7 pieces of radish kimchi on his plate.
  11. After watching Rain’s dance on their “battle” Se7en thought: Wow, he’s really the best dancer here.
  12. Se7en speaks Japanese and English, fluently.
  13. His hobby is “only music”, which includes his collection of 1,000+ CDs.
  14. He taught himself how to dance, and he’s well-known for breakdancingHe’s a REALLY hard worker/perfectionist. Here’s an example: he entered YG Family at age 15, but he didn’t debut until he was 19…because he wanted to keep training, and be at his best when he debuted.
  15. He once had an inferiority complex, and hated his lips (which are a bit larger than most Asians, but most of his fans think they’re sexy. “The bigger the lips, the better the kiss.” )

Tablo :

  1. His Korean name is Lee Seon Woong
  2. His American name is Daniel Armand Lee
  3. He was born in Korea
  4. moved to Canada when he was eight 
  5. he is married to Kang Hye Jung on October 2009
  6. Tablo lived in many different places, such as Hongkong, Switzerland and Indonesia
  7. Tablo Join to YG Entertainment on september 2011
  8. tablo signed a 4-years contract with YG Entertainment
  9. tablo started play the piano when he was six
  10. Tablo wrote the lyrics to Kim Gun Mo’s “Rainy Christmast” in 1999
  11. while he was in university, tablo associated an underground hih hop group “4N OBJECTZ” for 3 years